Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Fun Freetime: Back to School Hacks from DreamWorksTV

For most kids, going back to school is akin to getting teeth pulled.  Gone are sunny days, water parks and pool time, camp with new friends and homework-less adventures.  In order to make the transition a little less painful for school-aged children, kid talent on the family friendly YouTube channel DreamWorksTV share their “hack to school” tips on getting through the school day:

Prepping for First Period – New school supplies make that first week much brighter and having your very own DIY supplies – SCORE!  In Life Hacks forKids expert hacker Sunny shows how to do multiplication problems without a calculator or even pen and paper; create secret storage in your locker; and make a dry erase board for convenient note passing…just don’t get caught! 

Lunchtime – Dessert is the best part of any meal, and on I ♥ DIY, Kawaiisweetworld teaches you how to create something that will impress friends and teacher, alike.  Her “Back to School Apple Cupcakes” aren’t your ordinary cupcake.  These vanilla cake beauties actually look like red apples and are almost too cute to eat:

Gym Class – Love it or hate it, most kids have to take gym.  But who said gym class had to be all about physical education?  In Gym Class Science, sports and science collide, and in the episode below, hosts Jonah Green and Tessa Netting explain the explosive properties of hydrogen…through archery:

After School - In brand-new series, After School Snack Attack, friends and hosts Garrett and Josh show – err, guess – their way to making the perfect after school snack.  In the first episode, they try their hand at making macaroni and cheese…with a twist.  WARNING: things get a bit messy in their kitchen!

Happy first day!


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