Monday, October 12, 2015

Amazing Apps: Thumbtack

Between getting your household essentials delivered in an hour, to catching a ride with the push of a button, to “cooking” your family dinner with pre-measured and packaged food, technology is making day-to-day life more manageable and tasks are becoming easier to tackle. Everything can be found online or in the App store, making efficiency that much easier.

It’s time to use technology to help complete your to-do list. The paint is peeling in the bathroom, the house needs a deep cleaning, your kids need some extra math help, and you still need to plan your parents 50th anniversary party—the list keeps growing and time keeps passing.

Experts say that if something is on your to-do list for more than a few months you should consider outsourcing the job. Seems like an easy task in our connected world, but where do you begin? It’s time for an “upgraded yellow pages,” which is exactly what numerous tech companies are currently creating. Thumbtack is the leader in home services, with Amazon and Google following suit to create their own versions.

In this video, Jordan Reid, the founder of discussed how to get things done the smart way by utilizing technology. Between Thumbtack, the site and app that connects you with 200,000 small business offering over 1,000 types of services, to the surplus of apps to keep your life and tasks organized—Jordan will share how she completes her to-do list with the help of technology. 

Station Note: This segment is provided to you by Thumbtack.

About Jordan Reid:
Jordan Reid grew up in New York City, studied cognitive neuroscience at Harvard University, and worked as an actress for over a decade before turning her focus to fashion, beauty, entertaining, home decor, and DIY, creating the popular lifestyle website Ramshackle Glam. Reid has been called "a star of the post-expertise how-to landscape" by the New York Observer, and Ramshackle Glam has been deemed "a survival guide for those who don't have a clue how to be domestic" by the Daily Beast. In a feature on Ramshackle Glam, Time Magazine wrote that "of all the changes wrought by social media, few underscore the reach of the individual like the rise of Reid."

Reid is the author of Ramshackle Glam: The New Mom’s Haphazard Guide To (Almost) Having It All (April 2014) and Carrying On (coming in January 2016), and hosts numerous style, beauty, and home decor shows and events around the country. She recently moved from New York to the Bay Area with her husband, Kendrick (formerly of the band Harlem Shakes), her one-year-old daughter, her four-year-old son, and their two small dogs, where she is in the process of renovating her ranch-style home in the foothills with some help from Thumbtack

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