Monday, October 26, 2015

Freebie: RoboForm Everywhere for One Year

In a year that has seen a spate of massive hacking incidents, the cyber safety reminders issued in October, which is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, are more timely than ever. Siber Systems, Inc. honored the occasion all month long by launching new tools and posting valuable tips to help people stay safe online. To mark the last week of Cyber Security Awareness Month, the company announced that it will give away a full year of RoboForm Everywhere to all new users, plus offer 20% off to renewing members.   
People who want to automate password management across devices for free for an entire year can go to from October 26-31 to get a one-year RoboForm Everywhere license at no cost. It’s an incredibly valuable offer that gives users tools to reduce their vulnerability to the growing problem of cybercrime. RoboForm Everywhere users can log in to sites securely across all devices with just one click. The popular security product also generates secure passwords for each site while users just have to remember one master password.
A bookmark-style login allows RoboForm users to go directly to their favorite websites across multiple computers and mobile devices. The free RoboForm license includes free syncing, free multifactor authentication and much more, including a form filler function that allows users to fill out long online forms with a single click. One license covers PCs, Macs, smartphones, tablets and USB drives, providing advanced syncing technology to keep devices up to date as well as industry-leading encryption technology that securely stores passwords with the user’s master password — known only to the user — serving as the sole encryption key.
“Hacking and identity theft cost companies and consumers hundreds of billions of dollars every year,” said Bill Carey, Siber Systems VP of Marketing. “The use of strong passwords for every site significantly reduces vulnerability, but it’s difficult for the average consumer to remember dozens of complex passwords. RoboForm is the ideal solution since it allows users to use strong passwords for each website, while only having to remember one master password.  We believe everyone should be using a password manager, and now users can try it for a whole year at no cost. This gift is our way of observing Cyber Security Awareness Month.”
The Cyber Security Awareness Month page at RoboForm features password generator and checker tools as well as RoboForm’s top 10 security tips. People who want to take advantage of the free year of RoboForm Everywhere can visit between October 26-31, 2015. 
About Siber Systems
Founded in 1995, Siber Systems creates and markets software products for consumers and businesses around the world. Our software is highly acclaimed and has received numerous awards, including PC Magazine Editor’s Choice, CNET’s Best Software of the Year, and PC World’s 25 Products We Can’t Live Without. The company’s flagship products, RoboForm and GoodSync, are used by millions of people worldwide, with registered customers in over 100 countries. GoodSync, an easy and reliable automatic file synchronization program, was released in 2006 and already enjoys favorable reviews from users and the press. RoboForm Enterprise has been solving password management problems quickly, easily and cost-effectively since 1999. RoboForm Enterprise reduces employee passwords to one secure, master password and provides an easy and cost-effective way to improve password security while making employees more productive and helping organizations to recognize immediate IT cost savings. As part of the company’s strong commitment to customer satisfaction, its software comes with a risk-free trial. Headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia, Siber Systems is privately held.

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