Thursday, November 5, 2015

Consumer Critique: Body Brick

DAS BOOM INDUSTRIES, as seen in GQ and TV's The Talk has a great present for men. The Body Brick Soap-infused Body Sponge is convenient and good for a guy's skin. It's infused with one of five signature fragrances (West Indies, Bourbn County, Kyoto, Denali, and Detroit), and washes while exfoliating skin (which is healthy even if guys don't realize it).
I received a sponge from Das Boom Industries to try out - well, for my husband to try out. He typically uses a loofah in the shower, so it was easy for him to get used to using. I think he appreciated the more manly scent then the body was the rest of us use in our body wash. We got the West Indies (Bay Rum, smoke, and dirt) which was actually pretty nice. It was a masculine scent, but not overpowering while he was using it or later after he got out of the shower. It seems like the amount of soap in it should last for quite a while with careful use. It felt good on his skin, which is a good thing, because he tends to have sensitive skin that sometimes breaks out with certain bath products, but it was fine with this soap.

The brick is non-toxic, plant-based and repels water and bacteria while absorbing oil, silicone and virtually all hydrocarbons while remaining resilient to wear. It's made from a renewable source for a carbon-negative footprint. All of these things make it a unique, fun gift for the man in your life.

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