Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Book Nook: How Do I Produce Prosperity

Kent Gant Jr. prefers the term God-made man to self-made man. Before reaching his current position in retail management, Gant worked at each level on the ladder. From stocker to department manager to assistant store manager, he learned all that he could and applied that knowledge to the next step.
What Gant has accomplished with his career, he has also done with his finances. Using Biblical scripture as a basis for important decisions, he has created practical methods for those hoping to discover abundance.
In his first book, “How Do I Produce Prosperity?”, Gant goes beyond the basics of tithing and teaches readers how to truly allow God to manage their money. “How Do I Produce Prosperity?” encourages readers to build faith and expect incredible results, reminding them that all things, including prosperity, are possible with God.
I had a chance to review the book. It is a slim read, so it's a fast, compact read. It is written from a Christian perspective. Although it's apparent that it's a first book - it's not as polished as other books I've read - it is easy to read and understand.

Kent Gant Jr. resides in Dearing, Georgia, where he manages a regional grocery store chain. He attends Called to Worship Church, where he volunteers on the finance team. Gant holds an associate’s degree in business. This is his first book.

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