Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Book Nook: Candlewick Press

I recently had a chance to review three different kids' books from Candlewick Press.

The Little Snowplow is a similar story to The Little Engine that Could. The cute story about a little snowplow faced with a daunting snowfall is a good story of perseverance and effort for kids.

Home is a charming book that helps define what home is. It was a good way to show my kids how many different types of places people live in, which started a lot of exploration into other cultures and ways of life.

Historium was my favorite of the three. It's perfect for my older daughter - a museum in a book. It has tons of information, presented in a manner that is appropriate to kids in upper elementary. She enjoyed reading it so far, loves the visuals, and is constantly telling us interesting things she's learned from the book. If you like education, kid-friendly books, this is a great option.

All three of these books were well-liked by my kids and fun for me as a parent to read too!

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