Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Book Nook: Knox Chase on the Case of the Valentine's Day Mystery

Knox Chase is a new super sleuth kid appearing on bookshelves for middle school students - with the added benefit that the magical nature of these stories helps kids learn how to solve their own problems. Knox Chase on the Case of the Valentine's Day Mystery by Adam Lipsius will be released in January, 2016 and is already scheduled for a motion picture.

KC is a small-town kid with a big-time imagination -- and an even bigger secret. He can see the pulp fiction detective he was named for, from the 1930s & 40s Knox Chase on the Case novels. He even talks to him, which gets a little awkward since no one else can see the guy, and because this salty film noir gumshoe lands our hero into all kinds of little kid trouble.  

When a mysterious stranger bumps into KC on Valentine's Day, however, and they mix up envelopes, a thriller lands in KC's lap and grown-up trouble breaks out all over town. His music teacher gets run over. The school janitor is framed for attempted murder. Even KC and his friends have to fight for their lives.

It takes KC's wits, his invisible partner, his best friend Ben and even the girl he gets so nervous around he can't speak to her, in order to figure out the Case of the Valentine's Day Mystery.

This was a really fun book for me to review. I loved Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, and Encyclopedia Brown growing up, and this book is right in that vein. It is family-friendly, appropriate for middle school on up, but even interesting for me to read as an adult. The film version should be fun to watch when it's produced as well!

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