Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Book Nook: Timmy Teacup Transforms

Children of all ages struggle with their self-esteem. While many children fear that they are fat, some think they are ugly, or even feel ashamed of the culture they come from. As a mother and grandmother, Barbara Daniels saw these problems unfold with her own daughter and grandchild. Because of this, she dedicated her time to write a book that speaks to children on this issue.
In “Timmy Teacup Transforms,” children will learn of Timmy Teacup who wishes to be a hot chocolate mug. Thinking that he will be happier, he soon realizes after transforming into one that it was not what he wanted after all.
I had a chance to review the book, and it was a cute little story about getting what you wish for and realizing you weren't really ready for that in the end. It's a good message for kids who don't feel like they fit in, and encourages them to figure out why they are just right for the role they play, whether it's at school, at home, or with extracurricular activities.

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