Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Consumer Critique: Aurorae Yoga

Aurorae Yoga has recently released some new products.

  • Candles: we have added new scents and we also now have travel size candles and tea lights.
  • Microfiber Swim & Sport Towels: Available in 8 different colors, this towel is great for swimming, camping, relaxing, and more.
  • Tote Bag: this bag is big enough comfortably carry your yoga mat, accessories, clothes, shoes, and more.
  • Yoga Mat Flip Flops: they are made from yoga mat material and are comfy and cute!
  • Impressions Yoga Mat: These eco-friendly yoga mats are made with beautiful prints to help you focus your gaze and intention as you practice.
  • Yoga Towel and Mat Wash: These are great additions to your practice; the towel is slip free and dries quickly, and the mat wash disinfects the mat and towel. 

I had a chance to review a candle and the flip flops. I like that the candles are soy wax and burn well. They come in a lot of aromatherapy scents, and the scents are pleasant, without being too strong or overpowering. The flip flops are very comfortable. I love using them when I'm standing up at my desk. They're squishy, but in a good way, and I could see myself using them for quite a while.

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