Friday, December 11, 2015

Consumer Critique: Dove Channel

I previously posted about Dove Channel, a new family-friendly way to watch TV.  For $4.99 a month, Dove Channel has more than 900 hours of TV and movies—all stories that will delight, inspire and challenge your family, reinforcing good values, celebrating triumphs and lifting spirits. And all the programs have been vetted by The Dove Foundation to ensure they are family friendly. 

I recently got a thank-you package for trying out Dove Channel, including a subscription to the channel itself. It is a really good way to have family movie nights whenever we want to, without worrying about what our kids are going to see. Many of the entertainment options are Christian, but some are ones that are secular and family-friendly. There are Christmas classics currently available, such as The Velveteen Rabbit and Gumby's Christmas Capers. For non-Christmas options, the site is nicely organized into Kids, Drama, Inspirational Stories, Biblical Stories, Action and Adventure, Comedy, Sports, Animals, Documentary, and more. It makes it really easy to find something that is appropriate for the age your kids are.

Dove Channel is available for iOS, Android, or Roku, or you can watch on your computer. At $4.99 a month, it's much less expensive than the theaters, and a really good value compared to the cost of renting movies or paying for the On-Demand. Some movies are available without a full membership, and all movies are rated so you can see right before you watch whether they contain anything that might not be appropriate for your family, given your children's ages. This time of year, it would make a great gift for your family!

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