Thursday, December 3, 2015

Consumer Critique: OmieBox

Taking lunches to school or work can be a great way to save money. Even at the reasonable price of $2-$3, which is what a lot of school lunches cost, it's easy for parents to pack healthy, nutritious meals their kids will eat for just a dollar or two. Even though my girls aren't picky, I can't count on them eating all of the school lunch - so I'm not going to pay for wasted food.

There are a lot of different lunch boxes out there, and I recently got an OmieBox to try out. My girls have been using it for a couple weeks, and it's one of my favorite lunch boxes ever. Everything is all in one, with three to five compartments depending on if/how the dividers are used. The box is a durable, heavy plastic that is dishwasher-safe. Everything is easy to open, even for my kindergartener, and it comes in three fun colors - berry pink, meadow green, and blue sky.

Right now, they're on sale for $10 off, so it's a great time to get them before they go back to the regular price! They are a little more than regular lunch boxes, but they're durable, don't need an additional ice pack, designed with kids in mind, and flexible no matter what you're packing!

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