Saturday, December 12, 2015

Giveaway: Freaky Pets/Bob-A-Long

First, there came Freaky Pets, a wild and wacky universe of unusual creatures that spawned an online game and plush toys.  Now, get ready for the latest wacky spin-off with BOB-A-LONG, a zany, imaginative and incredibly silly interactive card game for players ages 8+!

I had a chance to be a game tester, and it's a novel concept, one I've never seen before. You can learn more by visiting their Kickstarter campaign, or in the video below. 

I have a chance to give away  Freaky Pet to help celebrate the launch. To enter, leave a comment with what you most like about the game concept. Deadline is December 16th.


  1. it sounds fun I think my grandkids would enjoy it

    tiramisu392 (at)

  2. My family needs to play a zany creative fun game. I like that each time the game is played the story will be different. I am also a big fan of charades so I also like that part of the game.

  3. Nancy, your comments! It's exactly what we're aiming for and working hard to make happen. Your support is and old be great!

    BOB's 3rd Assistant...on his left side