Saturday, December 12, 2015

World Wisdom: #GIFtaTree

Did you know that trees do a lot for us? The Arbor Day Foundation has come up with a list of tree facts that goes way beyond just cleaner air.

Right now, you can help Arbor Day Foundation plant trees. Simply go to and create and share a holiday GIF. Every time you do, the Foundation will plant a real tre in a state park or national forest. The money comes from a contribution from NBCU. To help out,
- Instagram  a photo or your GIF and connect with @greenisuniversal and @arbordayfoundation using #GIFtATree hashtag in your share. - Twitter @GreenisUni & @arborday using hashtag #GIFtATree
- Facebook Share your GIF on Facebook using #GIFtATree 

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