Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Parenting Pointers: Top 10 Hacks with Microwave Ovens


When you think about a microwave oven, you might think that it's simply a way to
cheaplyprepare small meals. While a microwave is used for convenience, there are a few life hacks that you might not be aware of that can save more time and result in delicious recipes.

1. Eggs
     If you enjoy scrambled eggs in the morning, you can use the microwave to make them in less than two minutes. There won't be a pan to wash, and you can still have the flavors that you desire. All you need to do is beat two eggs, add a bit of milk, shredded cheese and a few spices, and put everything in a coffee mug. Place the mug in the microwave for one minute and stir. Continue heating for 30 seconds until the eggs are done.

2. Peeling
     Have you ever needed to
peel a tomato or a piece of fruit but end up leaving part of the peel behind? If you place the item in the microwave for just a few seconds, it will warm the vegetable or fruit just enough so that the peel is easy to remove.

3. Onions
     When you cut onions, you might notice tears in your eyes. Remove the ends of the onion, and place it on a paper towel in the microwave for 30 seconds. When you remove the onion and begin chopping, there won't be any tears, making it easy to chop or slice the product for a dish.

4. Longer Lasting
     The microwave might not be ass expensive as a refrigerator or washing machine, but it's still one of the major appliances in the home. Your microwave can last longer if you take out
appliance insurance. This will give you a way to replace the microwave if something happens, but you need to get the specifications of what is covered for a replacement.

5. Cleaning
     If you prepare a lot of dishes in the oven without a cover, you might see that the sides and the top of the oven have particles on them. You can squeeze the juice from two lemons into a bowl and place the bowl in the microwave for about two minutes. The acid from the lemon juice will help loosen the particles so that it's easy to wipe off the interior of the oven.

6. Killing Bacteria
     There are
bacteria lurking everywhere in the home. Cut back on the amount of bacteria in the kitchen by placing sponges in the microwave after soaking them in water. You can also disinfect a cutting board by rubbing a fresh lemon on each side and placing the board in the microwave for about one minute.

7. Stamps
     There might be a time when a stamp is placed on an envelope but the envelope is never sent. You might see a stamp that you want to collect that is on an envelope. Place the envelope in a microwave for 20 seconds, and remove the stamp from the paper. You want to put a few drops of water on the stamp before placing in the microwave.

8. Potato Chips
     Instead of getting chips at the store that sometimes have a high amount of fat, try making your own in the microwave. You only need one potato that is sliced. Put the slices on a microwave safe plate, and microwave for three minutes.

9. Herbs
     Dried herbs can be a delicious addition to
almost any recipe. Place herbs on a paper towel after they are washed, and microwave them for about thirty seconds. Flip the leaves and repeat the process until the herbs are dry.

10. Stale Bread
     Don't throw away a loaf of bread again. Wrap the loaf in a damp towel, and microwave the loaf for 10 seconds to put moisture back in the bread.

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