Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Wonderful & Luxurious Shaving Kit Gift Ideas For Men (Guest Post)

A number of boutiques and salons have their own brand of shaving kit, and some of them even specially designed for giving away as presents for birthdays or any other similar occasions. They usually include handcrafted brushes, unscented cream, after shave cream, moisturizer, safety razors with premium blades, all wrapped in premium looking package that is just perfect as a gift. It might seem a little uncommon, but it's really a good idea if you choose the right brand that has a premium feel, quality ingredients and an elegant packaging.
Taylor Of Old Bond Street
This was a gift shop established in 1854 during the reign of Queen Victoria and features some very elegant and premium men grooming kits that can be gifted as presents. They range somewhere between 180 pounds to 280 pounds.
·       They pack a contemporary travel razor in black finish, shaving cream, shaving bowl and a pure badger travel brush. The items belong to the Jermyn Street Collection and everything is packaged in a premium leather travel pouch.
This is just one example of a gift idea where a shaving kit can also be a perfect present for grown men. It could also be equally adorable to gift a guy who has just started shaving facial hair.
Online Stores
You might find something very exclusive like a gold plated double edged safety razor that can be complemented with a leather pouch for a premium feel. This might also be presented as a very useful gift without worries.
·       They might not always be expensive and it is not necessary to purchase a complete kit in order to make a good present.
Online stores offer a lot of varieties in terms of men grooming and shaving kits or individual items from a variety of manufacturers. It is also equally appropriate to buy a modern shaving kit that comprises of electric shavers, lotion, shaving oil, etc. as there are simply too many alternatives owing to the age of internet and online marketing. One might start the quest with Amazon and keep crawling towards boutiques and exclusive salons that manufacture and independently market and sell their brands.
·       In case you need premium and custom made or handcrafted products it is always a good idea to place an order with a manufacturer. It is easy to find such shops, once again, owing to internet and online advertisements.
Premium Shaving Kit
A shaving kit might include somewhere from as few as 3 items to more than 10 depending on how premium and precise you can be. Many people wish to be very precise about the right tool and product and following the exact procedure for the best results. And fortunately enough the shops, online as well as brick and mortar stores, can meet their demands and so can also be considered as a present for your celebrity friend.
Thus, even a safety razor is good enough as a gift idea for your male friend or even a whole range of collection from an exclusive brand.

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