Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Website Spotlight: Akimbo Gift Card

Last minute gift giving is getting even easier.  Akimbo Gift has completely new flexibility in speed and usage of the money gifted.

Santa is now On-Demand with the new Akimbo Gift. The new Gift MasterCard product can be ordered online and delivered immediately by email or sent with a traditional greeting card by mail. The gift card can easily be upgraded to a standard, re-loadable Akimbo MasterCard account that affords a number of capabilities not offered by traditional gift card products, including the ability to withdraw cash at an ATM, transfer funds to an external bank account, and combine multiple gift cards onto a single card.

Akimbo Gift addresses a number of the frustrations associated with traditional gift card products. Typically, gift cards can only be used for purchases online or in store. Oftentimes this means a certain amount of the gift card goes unspent. However, Akimbo offers the ability to upgrade gift cards to a Prepaid MasterCard account, providing recipients the ability to withdraw cash at ATMs and even transfer the funds to their bank account. This means that funds on an Akimbo Gift card can be used for nearly anything, including payments to a credit card, helping with rent or mortgage payments, or even transferring funds to a savings or investment account.

To learn more about Akimbo Gift Cards, please visit www.akimbocard.com.

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