Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Book Nook: A North Shore Story

For the teenagers of Chicago’s North Shore, everyone has something to hide.

In a daring attempt to impress the elusive Sophia, Michael makes the biggest decision of his life, stealing over a hundred thousand dollars from St. Theodore Community Church.That same night, Nichole’s insecurities are finally forgotten with a drug she soon won’t be able to control. When Michael makes his getaway, he sees his friend Joseph cheat on his girlfriend with the priest’s daughter and knock over a candle that sets the church ablaze.

As the consequences of that night unfold, Joseph is blamed for the fire and the missing money. Can the teenagers of the North Shore confess their vices to help their friend? Or will their greed, infidelity and jealousy change all their lives forever?

I had a chance to review the e-book for this story, and it was a good story that kept me engaged and wanting to read more. There are several characters to follow and several conflicts to resolve throughout the course of the book, and they are all handled in a way that is satisfying, but not simplified. It was a good read over the course of a weekend!

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