Thursday, January 7, 2016

Book Nook: Ruby's Prayer

Jim Wallace, widowed father  and civil war vet, lives with his sons Tom and Buddy. After losing Ruby, their wife and mother, Tom’s experience in the Texas justice system, conflict between Tom and his brother Buddy (the sheriff), success seems out of reach. Tom promises he'll do what he can to heal the rift between himself and his brother, and works to do that amidst the changing environment as Texas grows up around the railroad tracks.

Ruby’s Prayer, which I recently got to read, is the story of the Wallace family. It was written to resonate with all readers, with similarities that reach across time and place. With themes of love, loss, struggle, and perseverance, anyone can empathize with the Wallace family, even if they don't experience exactly the same things themselves.

To write the story, Ronald H. Keyser researched the towns of Huntsville and Belton, The Capt. Joe Byrd Prison Cemetery, The Texas Prison Museum, Temple Railroad Museum, Bell County Museum and The Morning Glory Inn. For more information, visit The book is coming soon!

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