Thursday, January 7, 2016

Healthy Habits: P.F. Chang's Delightful Dishes

As millions of Americans make resolutions to eat better in the new year, they all face a similar hurdle: dining out.
P.F. Chang’s is making it easier for guests to stick to their 2016 goals with its Delightful Dishes menu, with four made-from-scratch, wok-fired entrees each under 600 calories and all bursting with flavor:
·         Hong Kong Style Sea Bass.  Wild-caught 8oz Chilean sea bass, steamed and seasoned with fresh ginger, served over an Asian mushroom medley, asparagus and grape tomatoes with ginger-coriander broth
·         Vegetable Lo Mein.  A savory soy sauce tossed with stir-fried egg noodles, julienned carrots, fresh mushrooms, snow peas and cabbage.
·         Ginger Chicken with Broccoli. Sliced chicken breast wok-tossed with ginger and green onion, served with steamed broccoli.
·         Shrimp with Lobster Sauce.  Tossed with chopped black beans, peas, scallions, Asian mushrooms, water chestnuts and egg

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