Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Book Nook: Wax On Crafts Holiday Projects

Create bright and cheerful designs for any holiday, using a box of crayons and a few simple tools! With step-by-step instructions and over 400 images, you can turn inexpensive and everyday items into family treasures in the book Wax on Crafts Holiday Projects

I liked how this book covered everything from free-hand designs and simple shapes to more complex leaves, flowers, and other designs. It also offered ideas for a variety of materials - tile, wood, glass, metal, eggs, and more. I had never heard of twice-melted wax, so that was fun for both myself and my daughter to experiment with.

I liked how, even though I'm not very good at art, the projects still turned out well. They also offered enough open-ended ideas that my daughter could be very creative. With projects for any holiday, it's easy to create great centerpieces, decorations, gifts, and more!

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