Monday, February 1, 2016

Book Nook: Dinosaur Titles from Capstone Publishers

Capstone, with its 25 years of publishing history, has dozens of dinosaur themed books and series that are appropriate for all age groups.  Some of theirfavorite titles are below:
Dino Mike and the T-Rex Attack: Dino-Mike is on the trail of a T. rex in this chapter book adventure - the first in a new series! The son of a famous paleontologist, young Michael Evans travels the world with his dino-huntin' dad. As dad digs dino bones, Mike does some exploring on his own and winds up finding a live T. rex! After tracking what couldn't possibly be real, Mike meets a mysterious kid that seems to know why and how the real dinosaur got here. With easy-to-read language and illustrations on nearly every page, Dino-Mike chapter books are perfect for beginning readers. Written and illustrated by the Eisner-Award winning creator of Tiny Titans, Franco! series concentrates on a young boy who is actually meeting dinosaurs!  Franco has been drawing comics since he could hold a crayon. e studio where he works on comics projects. 
Peek-A-Boo Dinosaurs: A board book for ages 1-3 from Charles Reasoner.  Reasoner has been creating and illustrating best-selling children's books for nearly 30 years, and his imaginative and fun-filled illustrations are colorful evidence of his belief that reading stimulates a child's future creativity.
Little Dinos Don't Hit: A board book from our ever popular "Hello Genius" series, this book teaches manners to little kids - with lessons about little dinos learning not to hit, bite, push or yell.  Super bright colored and easy for kids to read and share - this whole series is a winner!
Jellaby: The Lost MonsterQuiet but bright Portia has just moved to a new neighborhood with her mom. Adjusting to life without a father is hard enough, but school is boring and her classmates are standoffish -- and even Portia's mom is sort of distant. But things start to get better when Portia mounts a midnight excursion into the woods behind her house where she discovers a shy and sweet purple monster. Life with Jellaby is exciting, but Portia's purple friend has secrets of his own... a graphic novel from Kean Soo.

My daughter's school is starting a dinosaur unit this week in kindergarten, so it was the perfect time to review Little Dinos Don't Hit. My older daughter loves stories about dragons, so she was really intrigued by Jellaby. I liked the obvious but nicely handled lesson about keeping our hands from hurting others in the easy-to-read board book. I loved the graphic novel and the fact that it has a strong female character as the lead, but is written in a style that won't alienate boys from reading it either. Both books were very fun for my girls, 

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