Saturday, February 13, 2016

World Wisdom: Zena Moon Candles

Valentine's Day is all about romance, and one way to set a romantic mood is with a beautiful candle.  A candle with meaning is an even better way to express your love and ZENA MOON candles stand apart from other options. Each handcrafted, nature-inspired candle by Zena Moon Candle Company is both a conscious tool, and a source of rich pleasure. Designed to create a specific energy in your desired environment, the handmade creations help clear your space and focus your intentions.
They use ingredients of the highest quality, and the company runs on sustainable practices. Crafted with an eco-consciousness, Zena Moon Candles are vegan and imbued with loving kindness. Each also comes with words of affirmation and a specially chosen gemstone, to serve as a reminder of your journey long after your candle is gone. 
I had a chance to sample a candle, and they are a beautiful product. The scent is natural, not overpowering but strong enough to fill a room. The look of the candles is gorgeous, I love the eco-friendly aspects of the company, and I really like the meaning behind the candles.

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