Saturday, March 19, 2016

Amazing Apps: Hobnob

It's nearly time for spring cleaning and. Do you need help with cleaning your house, organization, getting rid of what you been hoarding for the past year, but don't know where to start? Hobnob is a mobile app tool that can come in handy this spring cleaning season. It's the first mobile event invite that lets user create beautifully designed invites via mobile in less than 60-seconds.  Here is how Hobnob can help you and your family this spring cleaning season:
  • Organize Your Events, Invites, Calendar On One Device--Mobile: Are you one to have multiple invites on fridge? A calendar that you pencil in? Or use the calendar on your computer? And everything is scattered in all different places? Why not keep all your invites, events, parties etc. in one device you most likely have in your hands all-the-time or in your purse/coat jacket to assist organizing your life into one device. You will know when your happy hour is with friends, the office party, your kid's sporting event's or date night with your husband by just glancing at the Hobnob app at the touch of your fingers. No more running around the house looking for the invite or that scratch of paper you jotted information down on.
  • Spring Cleaning Equals Garage/Tag Sales--Make Some Extra Cash:  The one thing you know about spring cleaning is there are items that you don't want to throw away, but don't want to have anymore hoarding up space in your closets, garages, basements etc. So, why not have a garage/tag sale and make a little cash. You want to the garage/tag sale to be well attended and your mobile device has all your friends, neighbors, relatives in it--so create an event invite in less than 60-seconds with Hobnob using your rolodex via your phone's contact list and send away.  We have several Hobnob users that have had successful garage/tag sales due to using the mobile app.
  • The Clock has Sprung Forward--Save Time: Using Hobnob will not only save you time with organization, but also your friends, relatives, kids, husband or wife due to having all your events in one space and creating an event take less than 60-seconds. You already lost an hour this spring--so don't waste anymore time.

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