Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Book Nook: In Her Own Sweet Time - Egg Freezing and the New Frontiers of Family

In the six years that have passed since Rachel Lehmann-Haupt released the first edition of In Her Own Sweet Time: Egg Freezing and The New Frontiers of Family, a lot has changed.
With the mass-market paperback launch of In Her Own Sweet Time’s second edition [Nothing But The Truth Publishing, February 2016], Lehmann-Haupt shares a timely, hopeful, and profoundly honest account of her own efforts to reconcile modern love with modern life.
The new edition of In Her Own Sweet Time has been updated to include the latest in medical, technological, and social science research, and contains new chapters that reveal what happened after Lehmann-Haupt decided to freeze her eggs at thirty-seven. Her daring journey concludes with the birth of her son as a “DIY Mom” – a term the author coined to describe women who choose to have babies on their own.
I had a chance to review the book, which combines the fact-telling of a journalist with the warmth and humor of personal experience. She explores "hook-up culture" and the media's look at babies and marriage, pros and cons of post-35 pregnancy and motherhood, reproductive technologies, and what it means to be a "DIY mom."

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