Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Amazing Apps: Peppy Pals

Peppy Pals, the award-winning developer of apps and e-books that teach children about empathy, emotions and problem solving skills, has launched three educational and entertaining Peppy Pals e-books. The e-books are a combination of study material and fun adventure that inspire a dialogue about emotions between children and adults.

The three e-books are Sammy Helps Out, Izzy’s Tempting Apple, and Reggy’s Bad Luck. All three e-books are available on Amazon for the price of $2.99 each. The e-books originally launched in Sweden in the Swedish language, and after the great success of over 260,000 copies sold, the e-books are now available in English to greater audiences.

The e-books showcase learning situations dealing with the differences and similarities between people, encouraging or helping others in need, and handling emotions like selfishness, guilt, anger, or those resulting from mistakes. At the end of each e-book, questions are provided to inspire dialogue about empathy and feelings between children and adults or teachers. Some questions include, “What does Reggy think when all the friends get angry, sad and disappointed?” “How does it feel to be angry or sad?” and “What do you think about when you are afraid of doing something?”.

Visit www.peppypals.com for more information about Peppy Pals, its mission to improve society, and the three Peppy Pals apps, Peppy Pals Farm, Peppy Pals Beach, and Peppy Pals Reggy’s Play Date.

The digital game studio, Peppy Pals, was founded in Sweden by Rosie Linder in 2013, and launched in the U.S. in 2016. With two daughters growing up in the digital era, Rosie had a dream to create a high quality children’s games that was both entertaining and educational. Rosie partnered with the award-winning game developer, Talawa Games, with the aim of creating fun, interactive app along with e-books that taught children valuable lessons in emotional intelligence. Peppy Pals is award winning, and the goal of the Peppy Pals team is to create a better world, prevent bullying, and improve society. Research shows that emotional intelligence can be taught and mastering these social skills can help children stay out of trouble and increases their academic skills and future successes as adults. For more information, visit www.peppypals.com.

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