Friday, May 27, 2016

Book Nook: Beyond Therapy - Igniting Life Focus Community Movements

I recently had the chance to review Beyond Therapy: Igniting Life Focus Community Movements . Although the title is a bit perplexing until you discover what those life focus community movements are, it was made clear as I read the book.

The author looks at three of the most common activities: conversation, religion, and the arts. Instead of just living through life, he encourages the reader to have a "life focus" as a way to improve mental and emotional health. It's appropriate for both people who are struggling but aren't seeking professional treatment, and also for mental health practitioners looking for specific exercises and ideas for designing programs.

I like the focus on communal belonging. As a society, we are too individualistic, and that results in less community support when we struggle. The community aspect of the book helps bring that back together.

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