Monday, June 6, 2016

Book Nook: The Adventures of Camp Nana Papa

My husband and I fondly remember the times we spent at our grandparents' houses without parents. For me that only happened once, but for him it was a regular occurrence. We have been blessed to be able to send our kids to each set of grandparents several times without us, and the kids and grandparents look forward to doing it in the future.

This special time with grandparents is celebrated in the book The Adventures of Camp Nana Papa, which I recently got to review. It's a fun book celebrating the activities that Nick and Sarah get to do with their grandparents. For my girls, it started them talking about things they'd done with their grandparents already, and ideas for more activities. There are also some pages to personalize the book and add special memories with grandparents!

Camp Nana Papa™ began as a way for founder Donnie Cranfill to honor his beloved grandmother, Flora Bell Carlton. The brand is built around a children’s book series sharing the adventures of Sarah and Nick, two children enjoying their favorite place in the world, Camp Nana Papa. Accompanying them is their special friend, Flash the Firefly™, who guides them on their adventures. Flash has taken on a life of his own as a plush toy that delights real life children when he magically lights up. In addition, Camp Nana Papa offers a catalog of high quality products and services, including books, gifts, apparel, activities and events for retail, wholesale, and online sales. In addition, we host and moderate a growing social media hub for grandparents to share their grand experiences and treasured memories on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. To learn more, go to

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