Monday, June 6, 2016

Book Nook: Creation's First Light

We do devotions every night as a family, so I'm always on the lookout for books to incorporate during that time, either devotionals, Bible story books, or picture books with a religious theme. Although we're Christian, I have no problem incorporating texts and stories from other religions, as they make for good discussion. I especially appreciate being able to read books from Jewish traditions, as they do shape the root of our Christian faith as well.

A book I recently got to review, Creation's First Light, draws on a Jewish legend of a light created on the first day that was different from other lights. This light was passed down through generations, but over time, people have lost that light. Rabbi Sandy Sasso was certain she saw that light in the eyes of her newborn grandson, and writes of this light in a way that captures the imagination of children.

It's a beautiful way of looking at the creation of the world. With the emphasis on light, the spark that we can find in ourselves from that original light, it creates a powerful imagery for children to be the light. It also helped spark a discussion with my children about what it means to be God's light to others, and where we can find light nowadays.

Starting in 1990, Sandy Sasso has been publishing children’s books and has received awards including a National Jewish Book Award, 2005 Sugarman Family Children’s Book, 2006 Best Books of Indiana Awards, and multiple reviews in Publishers Weekly. Sasso is also highly involved in the Jewish community, as she was the second woman in the United States to be an ordained rabbi. Sasso currently lives in Indianapolis with her husband, Dennis, and travels nationally and internationally speaking on a variety of topics.

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