Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Book Nook: Evolution's End

Author C.J. Daniels of The Karma Chronicles has a new series, the Dark Frontier. I had a chance to review the first book, Evolution's End. In the book, Captain Kate Dante is branded a traitor and works undercover on Mars for the Earth Alliance, trying to solve the mystery of unsolved deaths and missing persons along with disappearing Alliance shipments. She knows she doesn't have much time before her cover as Earth's traitor is blown while she's working with the Corporate criminals. At the same time, her father and brother are also looking for connections with Earth's Striker Industries.

I have always enjoyed sci-fi books, and what I really appreciated about this one was the inclusion of a strong female main character. Although other books do this, the genre is still heavily male-dominated, with female characters playing secondary or stock roles. The ideas of self-sacrifice, space exploration, and loyalty resonate with readers of any genre, and help make this book more enjoyable to read.

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