Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Book Nook: Simple Awakening - The Power of Inner Silence

I recently had a chance to review Simple Awakening. The book has its roots in a personal awakening Michael Lineberger had several years ago. Michael Linenberger is a successful businessman, a former VP in a large management consulting firm with several best-selling books on workday management to his credit. Starting in late 2012, Michael experienced an extraordinary, positive change happening spontaneously in his life. A profound inner silence began developing, one that grew stronger and stronger each day. From that silence, a fundamental set of life transformations emerged:

•Work became easy, life became easy, and all striving ceased.
•All fears and doubts disappeared.
•Unconditional happiness—bliss—moved in.

It sounds like a dream, to have everything easy, with no fears and unconditional happiness. While I certainly don't think most people can get to the point where they truly don't worry about anything, the idea of an inner silence is a powerful one. In this book, Michael describes not only his transformation, but how others can undergo their own awakening.

Honestly, I read this book with a grain of salt, not really believing that there's any possible way to have all fear and doubt removed in our earthly life. However, reading about ways to cultivate inner silence was helpful, and it's always interesting to me to read about the transformations of others.

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