Friday, July 1, 2016

Book Nook: Legacy Discovered

What if, after 16 years, you discover the man you love is not who he said he was? That's the idea behind Legacy Discovered by Kerry Reis, a book I recently got to review.

Ali and Ryan have been together for 16 years, each finding common ground in the fact that they're both orphans. However, Ryan isn't who he seems - he actually faked his death to get away from family responsibilities as the only heir of a wealthy real estate magnate. Now, Ali finds herself thrown into a new world with high society pressures and all the challenges that come with a family legacy.

It's a hopeful book, one in which Ali uses her love for Ryan, and the relationship they've built over the years, to help her family adjust to their new reality, and to help Ryan restore his relationship with his father.

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