Friday, July 1, 2016

Soul Sustenance: Adult Coloring and Remembrances

In her new book “Remembrances,” author Leah Palm provides readers with fun memories from her own past that many people are able to relate to and coloring pages that go along with each story to keep people of all ages away from depression and engaged in activities.
I had a chance to interview Leah to learn more.
How can an adult coloring book help us remember our past?
    You must interview an older person and have them share a memory with you.  Then you write the story they have told you.  Next, you create an illustration that mimics the story.  When they read their story and color the picture they remember their past, as well as additional stories.

Why is it such a good pastime for adults?
    It provides them a leisure activity to help with their daily time management and probably assist with prevention of depression.  It keeps their mind active by selecting colors and controlling the use of color pencils. Time passes quickly when your mind and hands are busy.

How can coloring be a social activity?
    The adult can color with their grandchildren.  As they color, they can share their story (ies) with others with coloring; other adults or children.

What is your inspiration for the images in the books?
    I initially wanted to create a different kind of coloring book.  Hence I decided to interview older people.  I decided they could tell me a fun, true memory.  From their fun memory I would have someone illustrate the story.  That is how my coloring book came to fruition. t
    Being, “old” myself, and having a problem trying to find activities to fill a day when sedentary, motivated me to create the book.   

Palm is an army veteran and retired occupational therapist with 33 years of total patient care experience. Living in an independent living facility, she found remembering the past and participating in coloring activities often helps her and other stay happy and active.

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