Thursday, July 7, 2016

Book Nook: The Tiny Traveler

Sky Pony Press recently published two board books for kids from author Misti Kenison, and I had a chance to review both. The third and fourth books in the Tiny Traveler board book series expose toddlers to other countries and cultures while teaching them about nature and numbers.
THE TINY TRAVELER: JAPAN: A BOOK OF NATURE: This book is a beautiful nature journey through Japan. Early readers will learn simple language describing nature, with some descriptive words and beautiful, bold pictures. It's a great way to introduce some basic images in Japanese culture (lotus, bamboo, Zen garden) and also some language arts skills to describe objects.
THE TINY TRAVELER: ITALY: A BOOK OF NUMBERS: This book includes landmarks and cultural elements from Italy (leaning tower, pizzas, gondolas) in an easy-to-follow book about counting. Early readers will get to practice counting along with viewing bright, clear illustrations to learn a bit about Italy as well. 

As someone who loves to travel and really values a global perspective, these are really fun books that I wish had been around when my kids were younger! Previously published titles are Egypt: A Book of Shapes and France: A Book of Colors. I love the idea of exposing kids to global cultural images while incorporating basic educational themes as well!


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed them, thanks so much for the review!