Friday, July 15, 2016

Consumer Critique: Keysocks

I wasn't sure I'd like trying out Keysocks. In fact, I initially ignored the first press release because I didn't think they'd be comfortable or useful or better than anything I already wore.

Keysocks are designed to replace no-show socks - except they do show, sort of. That was the part I just couldn't get. I was all for the idea of no-show socks that wouldn't bunch up, since I have a problem with them slipping off my heel, but I just didn't quite get the concept. Until I got the second pitch and decided to try it out anyway.

They were much easier to keep in place than regular no-shows. They also were cooler than wearing socks, because of the exposed foot - yet, at the same time, they were warmer than not wearing socks, which I often do year-round, since the top part acted like a leg warmer under my skirt.

They come in a variety of prints, in case you want them to be seen (from the back they look just like regular socks; from the front, they have the same look as leg warmers), and also come in light or regular weight for different seasons.

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