Friday, July 15, 2016

Consumer Critique: Mission Athletecare Cooling Products

Summers in Minnesota get really hot and muggy sometimes, so I was happy to try out cooling products from Mission Athletecare. They have a full range of products all designed to do one thing: to keep the body cool. They work by helping increase airflow, wicking sweat away, and cooling the fabric.

I've always known that cooling certain areas helps cool the whole body. When I was on a youth group camping trip, we'd put ice bags just on our feet and our whole body would feel cooler. When my brothers were stationed in Iraq they'd put wet towels on their necks. Cooling part of the body, especially by a major blood vessel, does make the whole body feel more comfortable.

Mission Athletecare has caps, towels, headbands, and more that can be worn during workouts to help feel much more comfortable. In hot weather, it can help prevent overheating and keep the body safer. It also helped keep my kids from complaining as much while hiking during a camping trip, since they felt more comfortable. Since it just takes water, it's easy to bring anywhere.

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