Friday, August 26, 2016

Consumer Critique: SnapPower Guidelight and Charger

I recently got the chance to review two great innovative products from SnapPower - the Guidelight and Charger.

Both products are easy to install and help either a nightlight or a USB charger fit seamlessly into your decor. By eliminating an extra brick for charging, or a separate nightlight, it frees up an outlet for other power needs. The Guidelight uses only pennies of electricity per year, and the small LED bulbs are bright enough to provide a little extra sense of security for young ones at night.

The plates come in white, almond, and ivory, so they'll match your existing outlets. They are also available in both the rectangular and more rounded style, so you don't have to change out the outlets to use them. They're incredibly easy to install (just remember to turn off power to the outlet) and really provide a nice, clean look!

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