Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Book Nook: Midway Barrel Racing Champion

I recently had the chance to review Midway Barrel Racing Champion. Midway is a horse with big dreams. Together with Maria, he works hard to make his dreams come true! The story was written by David Shew, along with his sister and niece, who are both elementary teachers. As a team, they know the importance of encouraging reading, especially as students hit the crucial middle grades and sometimes lose interest.

This book will appeal to any horse lover who isn't quite ready for long chapter books, but finds short picture books childish. There are pictures, but much more text, so the story has enough detail to satisfy people who've outgrown early readers. Yet, because of the pictures and the writing style, they are accessible for struggling readers as well.

The books can be purchased directly from the website, or from or Barnes & Noble

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