Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Book Nook: Dyslexia Rules KO

I recently had a chance to read Dyslexia Rules KO. As a teacher, it was quite interesting to read the experience of a dyslexic student in schools. The author, Annette Dolan, did grow up in the UK school system, and some of what she writes about is unique to things there; however, there are enough parallels to the US education system that it's worth reading here as well, particularly for teachers, parents, and any school staff that interact with dyslexic students.

After she graduated school, Annette realized that her literacy wasn't up to the same level as her peers - and that her social life and way of thinking were also different. Not only does her book describe this, but it makes a clear call for educational policymakers to find ways to encourage dyslexics, adapt to their needs, and utilize their strengths.

Annette lives in Wiltshire and has businesses in Bath. She lives with her husband Adrian. They have three grown up children between them: Angelique, Dominic and Alice. Annette has written this book because she wanted to step over a massive fear of the written word and show how a dyslexic's mind works. Her aim is to change the education system so dyslexics can be taught in a different way to encourage their skills.


  1. Might be a great thing that this kind of source was being read by that teacher in order for her to know on how to improve her teaching methods is ever she can have a student with Dyslexia.

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