Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Book Nook: Total Package Girl

Today's girls get a lot of mixed messages of who they're supposed to be. It can often lead to them trying to be something they're not, or feeling like failures because they aren't good at the "right" things.

I recently had a chance to read Total Package Girl by Kristi Hoffman, MS. It's written to help girls build confidence in themselves, learn more about who they are, and fulfill their own dreams. It's practical and adolescent-friendly, using clear language that treats them like the young adults they are, without going over their heads or being condescending.

The book focuses on a lot of different aspects, and does include appearance, but unlike many girls' magazines, that's not the focus. The focus is on celebrating one's own unique characteristics, and learning how to use them to navigate life. It encourages positive self-image, and doesn't advocate changing one's personality to fit in, but rather to use one's personality to find her fit. I'm definitely saving this book for my daughter to read in a few years!

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