Friday, September 16, 2016

Music Minute: Sara Lovell - You've Got Me

Independent recording artist Sara Lovell just released her fourth album, but her first for kids and families, written to celebrate the bond between parent and child. She wrote it as a love letter to her son, a creative six-year-old with an imagination.

The album will resonate with children, as it goes through a day for a young kid, beginning with getting out of bed, full of adventures during the day, and ending with a calm lullaby. It will capture kids' imaginations, with puppies, music, magical socks and more. It also has a lot of variety to listen to - every song sounds very different: gospel-style vocals, retro pop, Afro-Caribbean, and more.

Sara Lovell explains, "I've been a composer and songwriter for the majority of my life, but I put music-making on hold for a while when I made plans to become a parent. I moved to a new city, renovated my house, set up my recording studio and got on the waiting list for adoption.  My beautiful son came, and for the next four and a half years I hummed and sang little bits and pieces of songs and played one-armed lullabies into my phone recorder.  Slowly more brain cells returned, my son became more independent, I began compiling the song snippets (some for grown-ups, too) and I played a few for my producer, Monica Pasqual.  She suggested I finish one of the kids' songs first, so I completed 'Off To Bed We Go,' and the rest came pouring out!" 

You've Got Me will be available at, iTunes, CDBaby, and

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