Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Amazing Apps: Super Amazing Princess Heroes

Crossmedia brand Super Amazing Princess Heroes has launched its first gaming app designed to inspire young girls to cultivate their inner super heroes. By combining superpower talent with super fun dress-up options, players embark on a variety of exciting and empowering adventures with their Super Amazing Princess Hero.

I had a chance to try out the game, which allows players to choose one of five super powers – “Speed,” “Strength,” “Flight,” “Control the Weather,” or “Breathe Under Water.” Then they can choose outfit and other features before going on an adventure using powers with confidence. At the end, players can take a keepsake snapshot. It was fun for my daughters to play, and a good way to reinforce positive attributes besides just beauty.

“We are thrilled to launch the Super Amazing Princess Heroes Game to audiences everywhere,” said Megha Kadakia, President and Co-Founder of SPH Media, the company behind the Super Amazing Princess Heroes. “By offering users the chance to select a super power for their princess, we went beyond existing game offerings that only emphasize dressing up characters. The game complements our book series and website by bringing favorite characters to life and reinforcing the notion that girls are strong, powerful, and take care of themselves and the world,” she added.

I had a chance to learn more in this interview with the creator:

What was the inspiration behind the game?
I am a father of 9-year-old identical twin girls. When they were younger, my wife and I wanted to read them stories that were exciting and full of adventure, but that also featured strong, smart, empowered female characters. Unfortunately (and shockingly), there wasn’t much available. That’s when I decided to create the Super Amazing Princess Heroes. It’s about combining the princess aesthetic (which so many girls are magnetically drawn to) with the excitement and power of super heroes. The brand strives to inspire girls to be tomorrow’s heroes. This is the same inspiration behind the Princess Hero Dress Up game, which lets girls pick a super power, then dress up their Princess Hero and make her look fantastic, and then watch as she saves the day!

Why is it so important that girls view princesses as heroes?
It’s about showing girls that they can do anything and be anything, and that they don’t have to wait for a prince to save them. For decades, girls’ role models in fiction lost shoes at balls or needed to be kissed to wake up. Whereas boys have role models that leap over building and save cities. Girls love princesses, but how amazing would it be if those same princesses were empowered and heroic? Imagine the message of confidence and strength that would convey. That’s why the Super Amazing Princess Heroes is so important.

How can parents encourage their girls to be heroes in real life?
Parenting is so hard, and I’m in no position to give parenting advice. Nonetheless, I’ve always believed that kids mimic what we do (and not so much do as we say). If we read them stories about empowered female characters, if we talk to them about real-life women who have impacted the world, if we demonstrate respect and admiration for women in our own lives, then I think the encouragement for them to be heroes will be evident and amazing. On a similar note, we have a section on our website that spotlights real women who are heroes (it’s a great resource for parents to share with both girls and boys): http://superprincessheroes.com/real-life-hero/

The game is available at www.superprincessheroes.com/games, as well as for free download on Android and iOS, with in-app purchases that unlock many additional playing options.

About the Super Amazing Princess Heroes
The Super Amazing Princess Heroes (“SAPH”) is a global brand and community that inspires girls to be tomorrow’s heroes. The primary narrative follows three wonderful girls – Kinney, Oceana, and Sammie – who discover magical tiaras that transform them into princesses with super powers. In the first SAPH story, they save the prince! With a universe of diverse and fun characters from around the world, books, interactive stories, animation, games, toys, and much more, SAPH helps girls celebrate themselves while cultivating the power within. Learn more at www.facebook.com/princessheroes.

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