Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Book Nook: America the Anxious

I recently had a chance to review America the Anxious, a new book by Ruth Whipman. Original from Britain, Ruth wrote a column in The New York Times about her observations on our obsession with happiness, which eventually turned into the new book. She researched the various ways we strive for happiness, including a "happiness city" in Nevada, self-help courses and workshops, religion, and more. However, she finds that the answer to finding happiness is rather simple.

The book is fun to read. The observations are witty and humorous without being mean-spirited, as well as honest. It's good to look at some of the things we do when we work too hard to find happiness, and where happiness can actually be found.

It has the voice of both a travelogue and an investigation, exploring how our search for happiness paradoxically leads us farther from being happy, and examining how we can turn that around.

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