Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Shopping Savings: Zahler Kidophilus Probiotic Supplement

Advanced Nutrition by Zahler wants to prevent nutritional deficits that occur while a child is growing up. If a child lacks certain nutrients, not only are there immediate consequences, but it can have a lifelong impact. It's especially challenging for parents of picky eaters, but many parents struggle to make sure their kids are getting a total nutrition package.

I have a chance to share a discount on Zahler Probiotic Supplements - through October 31st you can save 20% with code MOTHMOME. It's a great way to try out these all-natural supplements in kid-friendly flavors! My kids got to try them out, and even my youngest, who still is really picky, had no problem taking them. It's a good way for parents to get extra insurance that their kids are getting nutrients they need.

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