Saturday, October 29, 2016

Spirit of Christmas Society

The Spirit of Christmas Society invites you to be a Guardian of a new way to celebrate the Spirit of Christmas. A new tradition has begun to welcome children of any age, to the Spirit of Christmas. As children discover the reason for Santa Claus, this is a fun way to make that transition of discovery to be more closely involved with the spirit of a favorite holiday.

Lecia Gill developed a new way to transition. Even though the discovery can be disappointing, it should be one that provides fond memories. To make this a reality, Lecia developed the Spirit of Christmas Society. It is web-based organization, so it is easily available to interested people all over the world. The transition of discovery can be difficult for children and their parents.

Do you remember how great you felt when you were younger and began to better understand the true meaning of the Spirit of Christmas? Remember when you began to understand what was meant by it being better to give than to receive?

This new tradition is about creating a new memory. Everyone gets to share their experiences in discovering the true meaning, how to keep the sparkle, and to experience life-long memories. We are all Guardians of the Spirit of Christmas. To learn what you can do to make this a more fulfilling activity for those you love, please visit us online at today.

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