Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Healthy Habits: Holistic Healing with Ed Strachar

I recently had a chance to interview Ed Strachar, a holistic healer, about energy healing.

    •    Why is the body's ability to heal overlooked?
Few people on the planet understand natural healing. Even Medical Doctors, with their extensive education and training know little.
The reality is that there is a limited to profit to be made in the natural healing industry and so few people promote it. The Medical system is ingrained in most people, especially in the United States. For example, many people believe that drugs are the only way to heal the body. Such is far from the most powerful or optimal truth…yet it is the status quo.
Yet, with all that said, it’s obvious to everyone how fast children heal from almost anything (provided they are healthy.) This is our natural ability to heal at work.
    •    How did you learn about this ability?
Twenty years ago I learned basic Energy Healing which is a method that millions of others have learned as well. That is enough to get one into trouble and I got into it. Deep trouble. When one starts raising their energy significantly, it attracts psychic attacks from powerful dark energies. I was no exception and went from being quite prosperous to struggling to survive. No different than wealthy people attracting thieves, higher energy people will attract dark forces, and they must learn to contend with that or pay the price, usually in sickness and /or poverty.
I had to learn the concept of spiritual power and why none of the many healers I knew couldn’t help me. I had to develop extreme levels of spiritual power to fend of the dark attacks and soon I learned I could do this at a distance with no drop off in effect.
    •    How is it possible to send this healing energy by distance?
“Sending this Energy” is a metaphor only. Infinite energy is all around us. Terms like the zero point energy field, universal energy field etc. exist and are predominantly used in the scientific community yet they apply all over.
When one can raise their level of Vibrations using the Healing Genius Method and connect to this infinite energy what has a dimensional aspect to it, one can then raise their energy significantly. Few understand or have this higher dimensional access to connect to this infinite energy. It is hidden knowledge.
Once one can connect to it and, in cooperation with the client, connect both and then direct the client so that their mind, body and soul can effectively heal, the task is accomplished.
    •    How do you respond to skeptics?
I don’t respond to skeptics. I just heal people who need healing and the skeptics can observe if they choose.
Sometimes they need to see it happen to someone close to them before they believe. Other times, they need to unblock their heart as its love that heals, not knowledge. That only comes through the heart. 
As a side note, When I was 25 yrs old and an Electronics Engineer, few believed I could take a shoe box size of electronics and put it all into one small chip the size of a fingernail. I did it, proved it and then people believed. Now that is common place, back then it wasn’t.
It’s the same process with Healing. Skeptics will never cease to exist. It doesn’t block my progress.

About Ed Strachar:
Ed Strachar is a remote distance healer who specializes in helping ill, weak, tired, desperate, and depressed people using Life Force Awakening. An electronics engineer by trade, Strachar is multi-talented: He invented an electronic chip used in Major Defense Aerospace Systems; studied chess with the Grandmasters in Russia; and trained many of the world's fastest readers with his Elite Reading Genius Program. Today Ed spends his time sponsoring and supporting orphanages around the world and applying his elite healing skills to people everywhere.

For more information visit: http://healinggenius.com
YouTube Channel:    https://www.youtube.com/user/HealingGenius
Facebook:    https://business.facebook.com/EdStracharSpiritHealer

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