Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Website Spotlight: Money-Saving Site Round-up

Roadie connects road trippers with those who need an affordable shipping solution during this hectic season. This new peer-to-peer delivery service allows people to make extra money, by delivering packages on trips they are already taking - whether it’s across town or cross-country.

Redbox lets movie lovers enjoy favorite flicks during the holidays without breaking the bank. Provides a cost effective alternative to high-priced movie theaters, Redbox offers all the latest DVD releases and holiday favorites at a fraction of the cost. What's more, you can now reserve movies in advance at Redbox.com or with the Redbox app.

Parkmobile is a convenient app that will help make traveling less stressful – and less costly. Your readers can say farewell to parking tickets with this innovative app that's revolutionizing parking across cities nationwide! With Parkmobile, you can find parking spots in real-time and then pay using your smartphone -- no need to carry coins, cash, or cards! What's more, you can "refill the meter" with just a tap of your finger!

A recent survey found that 30% of consumers are doing nothing with their unwanted electronics – think phones, tablets, and even old laptops. Now, Gazelle.com offers cash for buying your pre-owned consumer electronics. The process is easy – just look up your old device on Gazelle.com and receive a cash offer. Need quick cash? Gazelle ecoATM kiosks are available nationwide for immediate payout.

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