Friday, December 30, 2016

Book Nook: Womanskills

I recently had a chance to review WOMANSKILLS, a guide to all things everyone woman should know, from relationship advice to how to pick a good whiskey to snaking a clogged drain. It's written by Erin La Rosa, the hilarious deputy editorial director at Buzzfeed. The guide is both playful and practical. Written with a lighthearted tone, it explains a variety of skills women should know in short little nuggets that are easy to read and remember whether you read the book all at once or just when you need a particular skill.

The skills range from mental health (learning to say "no") to physical health (dealing with cramps); things that are traditional female (finding a bra) or male (grilling a perfect steak); money-saving (snaking a drain) or fun (wrapping a present). Each one is presented in a way that makes the reader really able to do it, with simple instructions and a friendly tone.

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