Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Consumer Critique: Hard Candy Holiday Gift Ideas

I've had a chance to review several products from Hard Candy cosmetics recently. They have a variety of new kits available for holiday gift giving. All of their makeup is packaged very nicely with good presentation, and they've got a lot of different kits available! The color combinations are great, and make it easy to put together a nice look. The kits are available at Wal-Mart, which really surprised me - they look a lot nicer than that!

Some of the products available include the Nude and Smokey Look Kit (4 shimmer lip glosses and bag), Party Pop (eye makeup), and Wish for a Kiss (5 lip glosses and tin), each of which retails for less than $5.

There's also a Fierce Effects line, with bold colors and argan oil in the lip colors for added moisture and shine. Or, you can try the All Glossed Up or All Matte Up, which have the bright colors and long-lasting look of lip stain with the soothing effects of a lip balm.

If you're someone who likes to try a lot of different looks, it's a good makeup line that has lots of variety at a good value!

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