Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Book Nook: The Tuttle Twins and The Road to Surfdom

I recently had a chance to read The Tuttle Twins and The Road to Surfdom, a clear stance against the idea of centralized government doing all the planning. The twins visit a formerly popular beach town, only to discover that it's not doing so well, thanks to a nearby highway that goes right to a brand new updated beachfront.

It does provide a clear look for kids about how centralized planning doesn't always work exactly as intended. Like the title implies, it's an allusion to another book, The Road to Serfdom.

Whatever you believe about the role of government and planning, it is a kid-friendly way to explore one aspect of the consequences of decision-making.

Connor Boyack is president of Libertas Institute, a free market think tank. In that capacity he has spearheaded successful policy reforms on property rights, civil liberties, parental rights, education reform, government transparency, and more. He is the author of ten books on economics, education, politics, and society, and has written hundreds of columns on these subjects for newspapers around the country. Boyack serves on the board of the Utah Home Education Association and is a popular speaker at conferences around the country. He teaches several classes to teens in his home state and along with his wife, homeschools his two young children in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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