Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Healthy Habits: Simple Tips for the New Year

SUBJECT LINE: Healthy Life Hacks!

Let's face it, in a dream world it would be nice to work out and eat healthy each and every day, but it's not that easy and frankly life is just too sweet to not indulge every so often. Luckily, incorporating small and easy tricks that don’t require much effort into your daily routine can help make your life better and healthier in the long run:​

·       OPT FOR THE STAIRS - Sometimes it's tough to get in a work out each day, but incorporating small rigorous tasks such as taking the stairs vs the elevator each morning will burn easy calories. 

·       BRING LUNCH - It's nice to eat out once and awhile but on a daily basis, you'll save hundreds of calories by preparing your own lunch at work vs ordering out. Not to mention, you'll save on cash as well!

·       WORKOUT WHILE YOU WATCH TV - While commercials air during your favorite show, stand up and do 25 squats and/or push ups. An easy way to burn calories while doing something you enjoy.

·       DRINK TEA VS SODA AND JUICES - Today, tea's come in a variety of forms and delicious flavors, and have minimal to zero calories. Swap out your daily soda for hot or iced tea. DAVIDsTEA has countless options that don't slack on flavor.

·       BRUSH SMART - Brushing daily with a plaque-identifying toothpaste will help improve the health and well-being of your entire body. Plaque HD is the first plaque-identifying toothpaste that helps identify and remove all traces of plaque in the convenience of your home.  A recent study published in the American Journal of Medicine links regular use of Plaque HD to a statistically significant reduction in both dental plaque, as well as inflammation as measured by hs-CRP, a sensitive marker for cardiovascular disease!

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